The Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organisation with the principal purpose of educating children, youths and young adults in the sport of sailing.

Currently, the organisation administers ‘Jarhead’ which is a 36-foot J-109 racing sailing boat. The main scope of the foundation is to reach out to disenfranchised and mainstream secondary school students who have never experienced the sport of sailing. The beginners’ program, which is currently being developed is planned to be launched by February 2019.

The same racing boat is also available in order to provide for a training and a competitive experience in local or inshore Mediterranean region sailing regattas for more experienced 16 years+ sailors who form part of the intermediate or advanced program.

‘Jarhead’ has also participated in the Rolex Middle Sea Race via the more experienced group of young sailors aged 16+ under the guidance of experienced skipper Mr.Richard Nicolson.  In 2017 the race was attempted but retired due to extreme weather conditions whilst the 2018 ‘50th Anniversary’ race edition, Jarhead young sailors completed the challenging race with a positive and encouraging result.